Repeat Copyright Infringement Policy

You may not share content on Noice you do not own or otherwise have rights to share.

Sharing unauthorized content on Noice violates our Terms of Service, and makes the content subject to removal.

Rights holders can request removal of unauthorized copyrighted content by submitting a Report for copyright infringement. Users uploading content may submit a copyright counter-claim if they believe it was removed because of a mistake or a misidentification.

Repeated violation of our copyright policy is against our Community Guidelines, and may lead to restrictions on further sharing privileges and can lead to permanent suspension of a Noice account.

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Repeatedly infringing on copyrighted works.

We may restrict an account holder’s access to uploading content, and may permanently suspend an account if we determine that an account is repeatedly infringing on copyrighted works on the service.

We will consider that any account with 4 or more unexpired copyright points is a repeat infringer.

An account accumulates a copyright point when we receive a complete report of copyright infringement and we do not receive a completed counter-claim or a retraction.

An unexpired copyright point is one that:

  • Happened within the last 90 days
  • Has not received a retraction from the rights-holder reporting an alleged infringement
  • Has not received a counter-notification from the alleged infringer

In other cases, solely at our discretion, we may limit access or permanently suspend accounts that are blatantly and egregiously infringing on others’ intellectual property rights, even in cases of singular instances of infringement.

We will take into account an account’s full history of alleged infringements and counter claims when determining if an account is a repeat infringer under this policy. We may also rely on relevant court judgments that an account holder is a “repeated infringer” when submitted to our designated copyright agent.

Consequences for violating this policy: Indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms. In certain cases we may instead temporarily suspend streaming and other content-sharing privileges on the account for a designated time period.
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